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There has been a lot written and said about EHS consulting and improving organizational culture and working towards operational excellence.  

Safety can help in this transformation.  Safety researchers* have found that when safety improves, a whole set of other performance indicators improves with it.  And, the culture changes in significant and beneficial ways.

There are several mechanisms that explain the cultural change. One is the principle of reciprocity.  Another is that employees who know they are cared for are receptive to engagement. Still another, is that operational excellence parameters are highly correlated.  The best operations are not just best in safety or quality; they tend to be best across the board.

Thomas R. Krause* wrote that leading with safety means that safety performance excellence “leads” the organization to other kinds of performance excellence.  Some great leaders champion safety improvement as a way to create cultural unity, improve organizational functioning and enhance operational excellence.  These leaders set themselves apart from the pack in a different, valuable and interesting way.

There can be similar benefits on the environmental side.  Virtually all facilities can benefit from eliminating incidents, reducing waste and improving energy efficiency.

Let us be your EHS consulting company and help you achieve ultimately operational excellence!

*Thomas R. Krause and staff (via book entitled “Leading with Safety”)

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